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This page is dedicated to providing quality, up-to-date information for parents and carers. The guides cover pertinent issues about children and education. These documents can be updated so if you have feedback about the content, changes to suggest, or topics you would like to see covered, please email us at 

Why is play important?

What if you were told that there was something you could do every day to help your child learn better, feel better, behave better and grow better? What if you were also told that it would not cost you a cent? Finally, what if you were told that your child’s doctor says it is an essential part of childhood? So, what is the answer? Let the children play!

Click here to access our Fair Play Parent Guide.

How to help your child grow up in a digital world

We are raising our children in an age of a generational shift. Earlier this year the Royal Children’s Hospital Child Health Poll in Melbourne revealed that 94 percent of teenagers, 36 percent of primary children, and 36 percent pre-schoolers have their own screen-based device. According to our recent poll, 92 per cent of parents believe that access to smartphones has reduced the time children have for daily physical activity and free outdoor play. This has us very concerned, and working hard to be the catalyst for change in Australian homes and classrooms.

Click here to access our Parent Guide on Digital Device Use.