About us

Our Mission

Our core mission at the Gonski Institute for Education is to address growing inequality in Australian education as well as improving access for students to high-quality education wherever they may go to school. We will do this by delivering practical, interdisciplinary research as well as focused professional development. We will conduct research, test potential solutions and contribute to policy, working closely with governments, educators, community groups and parent associations. As well as rural and regional students, we will strive to improve opportunities for disadvantaged students and students with disabilities, as well as providing the opportunities required by gifted and talented students. Our aim is for UNSW to be the national centre for excellence in school leadership, system and political leadership, and a global hub for scholars, policy-makers and thought leaders interested in research and practice in educational excellence, access and equity. 


Achieving educational equity requires coordinated work at multiple levels. Our research addresses the sources of inequity at all levels, from individual learners and their families, to schools and other educational institutions and their communities, through to systems and policies. Consistent with this our research is organised around three themes:

1. Achieving educational excellence with equity at scale (focus: systems and policy)

2. Building education communities (focus: schools and their communities)

3. Realising every learner’s potential (focus: classrooms, learners, and their families)