Professional Learning

Progress your career or re-vitalise your school by undertaking professional learning with the Gonski Institute for Education. Our offerings are research-based, practical, and will link your ability to action change in your personal sphere of influence with larger systemic issues of equity in education. We offer both short workshops and degree programs in Educational Leadership, including the Doctor of Education program.


Tailored Professional Learning Programs

We offer tailored programs for directors, corporate roles, education bodies, principals, senior executive staff, teachers, school administrative staff, parents and the community, across all education sectors.

We have developed programs for professional associations, schools, clusters of schools, visiting overseas colleagues, teachers, Highly Accomplished Lead Teachers (HALTs) and potential HALTs, parents, broader school communities and state, national and international education groups. Our professional learning programs have been delivered locally, and at a state, national and international level. Our suite of programs to date span:

  • school development days
  • community of schools programs
  • blended delivery
  • short term and extended programs (afternoon sessions and up to a fortnight in duration)
  • half and full day conferences
  • principal network meetings and forums
  • twilight programs
  • programs targeting specific roles
  • leadership positions (teachers, executive, principals, team leaders etc)
  • training and professional learning for school based and overseas educators (including extended full-time programs)
  • coaching and mentoring

All programs are tailored to specific stakeholder needs across a range of topics including (but not limited to):

  • special education
  • high performing and gifted students
  • leadership conditions for equity
  • equity from a global and local perspective
  • leading for educational change
  • learning hubs
  • student agency
  • parent and community engagement for learning
  • collaboration
  • teaching and learning programming
  • specific curriculum expertise
  • accessing the curriculum
  • assessment
  • equity for excellence
  • collaboration for learning
  • professional learning conditions for success
  • conditions for learning success
  • student and staff wellbeing

If you are interested in discussing a tailored program or participating in our suite of programs, please contact the ADA Faculty Research Support Office at


Postgraduate programs affiliated with the Gonski Institute for Education

Interested in taking your career to the next level? Our postgraduate programs in Educational Leadership offer flexible study options and Commonwealth-Supported Places.

Learn more about the Graduate Certificate or Master of Educational Leadership

Learn more about the Doctor of Education program