Advisory board

The Gonski Institute for Education is guided by an Advisory Board that includes senior members of the UNSW community, leaders of industry, business, government and philanthropy, and school practitioners and leaders.

The Advisory Board plays an important role in the development and success of the Institute by providing considered advice and recommendations on priorities. Advisory Board Members support the Institute’s mission and goals.

Ian Narev

Chair, Gonski Institute for Education Advisory Board

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, SEEK

Professor Claire Annesley

Dean, Arts, Design and Architecture, UNSW Sydney

Professor Kim Beswick

Director, Gonski Institute for Education

Head of School, School of Education, UNSW Sydney

John Bush

Head, School Age Learning, Paul Ramsay Foundation

Professor Scott Eacott

Deputy Director, Gonski Institute for Education

Professor of Educational Leadership, UNSW Sydney

Malcolm Elliot

Fellow, Australian Council for School Leadership

Professor Sarah Maddison

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education & Student Experience, UNSW Sydney

Chris Shaw

Director Educational Leadership, Mooki Principals Network, Rural North School Performance Directorate, NSW Department of Education

Mary Teague

Director (Access, Equity & Inclusion), UNSW Sydney

Danielle Toon

Director of Evidence for Learning, Social Ventures Australia

Dr John Vallance

Deputy Chair, Gonski Institute for Education Advisory Board

State Librarian and Chief Executive, State Library of New South Wales

Dr Meera Varadharajan

Research Fellow, Centre for Social Impact, UNSW Sydney

Associate Professor Bruce Watson

Pro Vice-Chancellor Inclusion, UNSW Sydney

Eddie Woo

Leader, Mathematics Growth Team, New South Wales Department of Education

Professor of Practice, Sydney School of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney