Research fellows

The Gonski Institute for Education Research Fellows work across a diverse range of issues relating to educational equity. The below researchers are currently working on a project that is associated with the GIE and contribute to both the scholarly and public outputs of the Institute.

UNSW fellows

Dr Dennis Alonzo - Senior Lecturer, UNSW School of Education
Dr Tracy Durksen - Scientia Research Fellow & Senior Lecturer of Educational Psychology, UNSW School of Education
Professor Richard Holden - Professor of Economics at UNSW Business School, Director of the Economics of Education Knowledge Hub
Associate Professor Kevin Lowe - Scientia Indigenous Fellow, UNSW School of Education
Associate Professor Tony Loughland - UNSW School of Education
Liliana Mularczyk OAM - Gonski Institute for Education

External fellows

Erin Corbyn - Social Ventures Australia
Suzanne Cridge - Social Ventures Australia
Professor Monica Cuskelly - University of Tasmania
Associate Professor Rhonda Faragher - Inclusive Education, University of Queensland
Dr Angela Fenton - Charles Sturt University
Associate Professor Amy MacDonald - Charles Sturt University
Dr Chris Morrisey - University of Canberra
Dr Deborah Pino-Pasternak - University of Canberra
Associate Professor Philip Roberts - University of Canberra
Dr Matthew Winslade - Charles Sturt University

Affiliated organisations

In addition to our research partners, the GIE partners with a range of organisations that share our commitment to addressing educational inequities. This includes:

  • Upstream Australia