NSW public opinion about NAPLAN - research brief

The problem

Despite numerous media reports and anecdotal stories about NAPLAN, there is a scarcity of systematic investigations that represent the views of the NSW public. Two interrelated studies have been undertaken to shed light on the current sentiment towards NAPLAN and the underlying factors that shape public opinions about NAPLAN among the people of NSW.

What we did

We utilized quota sampling to conduct a two-phase online survey-based study involving members of the general public in NSW (N = 2,017). The survey incorporated both open- and close-ended questions. Thematic and statistical analyses were employed to gain insights into the thoughts and sentiments of the NSW general public regarding NAPLAN.


Key findings

Still negative sentiments: 61% of the study participants believe that there is excessive emphasis placed on NAPLAN.

Nuanced and deeper insights: The NSW public assesses NAPLAN in terms of its informational value, alignment with social values, and impact on individuals and society.

Critical and positive views: Individuals who hold highly critical views on NAPLAN also exhibit high levels of positivity.


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