Gonski Institute Appoints Two Research Fellows

| 10 Jul 2019

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The Gonski Institute for Education extends a warm welcome our new Research Fellows, Amy Graham and Dr Fatemeh Aminpour.

Amy is an experienced mixed-methods researcher in education and has an interest in educational psychology and policy development for education, recognising the ecological nature of education and that everyone has a role to play in ensuring children reach their full potential.

Recently, Amy has been awarded with the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) New Voice in Educational Leadership Research Scholarship for 2019. This award is a significant achievement and recognises Amy as a forward-thinking, relevant and responsive educational leader in the wider education community, whose work has had an impact above and beyond their immediate context.

Amy will be working on both the ‘Fair Play’ and ‘Growing Up Digital’ research projects.


Fatemeh is an academic from the Faculty of Built Environment at UNSW, whose research interest lies in children’s environments. She has the experience of designing and researching school environments with a particular interest in inclusive school design and participatory methodologies in research with children. She holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales in Environment-Behaviour research, and her thesis explored the role of in-between spaces within outdoor school environments in children’s expression of agency.

Fatemeh will be joining the ‘Fair Play’ project as a Research Fellow.