Dr Amy Graham

Research Fellow

Amy is an experienced mixed-methods researcher in education and has a particular interest in Educational Psychology and policy development for education, recognising the ecological nature of education and that everyone has a role to play in ensuring children reach their full potential. Amy is committed to a socially just approach to working with young people, and her research interests reflect this commitment. Her PhD thesis is entitled “Getting ready to succeed at school: Investigating the role of parents”. Amy is passionate about translating research for a range of audiences and has used a range of forums to communicate her research findings including, but not limited to, mainstream media, academic journals, conferences, and meetings with key stakeholders. Prior to this, Amy has worked for Charles Darwin University and has worked on projects in regional and remote communities, exploring ways to ensure their equitable access to education through digital technologies.

Amy has previously worked as a Ministerial Adviser to the South Australian Minister for Education, and also as a Policy Adviser in education in the government and non-government sectors.

Honours and Prizes

  • 2003: Dean's Merit List
  • 2003: Vice Chancellor's Merit List
  • 2004: Dean's Merit List
  • 2004: Vice Chancellor's Merit List
  • 2005: Dean's Merit List
  • 2005: Vice Chancellor's Merit List
  • 2006: Dean's Merit List
  • 2006: Vice Chancellor's Merit List
  • 2007: Chancellor's Recommendation Prize
  • 2016-2019: Recipient of Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship
  • 2019: Awarded  Childhood Australia (ECA) travel scholarship to attend the ECA Reconciliation Symposium
  • 2019: Awarded Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) New Voice in Educational Leadership Research Scholarship

Related News

List of Selected Publications

  • Graham, A. (2019, June 20). Here's what teachers look for when kids start school. The Conversation. Retrieved from: https://theconversation.com/heres-what-teachers-look-for-when-kids-start-school-116523
  • Graham, A. (2019, September 25). Research shows the crucial need to connect with new parents. Education HQ Australia. Retrieved from: https://au.educationhq.com/news/64953/research-shows-the-crucial-need-to-connect-with-new-parents/#