The un-Teachable to the Teachable: Empowering school leaders and teachers to drive practice, capacity and access for students

The un-Teachable to the Teachable: Empowering school leaders and teachers to drive practice, capacity and access for students

The day will consist of three main sessions:

  • The Origins of Dysfunctional Behaviour (The Brain). The Un-Teachable to the Teachable
  • Dealing with the Impact of Dysfunctional Behaviours on Learning Environments
  • The Competent Teacher – practical approach to the Behaviour Management of Dysfunctional Behaviour

The final session will be a follow-up to evaluate the program


This event a collaborative school event for all leaders and teachers in all schools and systems.

This course is accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for 6 hours of professional learning at Lead Teacher level. 

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John Frew has worked in education for almost fifty years and during that time has worked in a wide range of schools and specialist settings.  He was appointed as foundation principal at a secondary school for students with Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Disturbance where he served for the next ten years. During his time at the school John researched and studied the causes and interventions for dealing with these children.  While there he wrote three publications that supported other workers in the field.  These included:

  • Back on Track – a goal setting program for dysfunctional students
  • Taming Anger – a series of work sheets for students to deal with their anger
  • The Classroom management program

John finished his career in mainstream secondary school as a principal where he has continued his work in dealing with students with severe behaviours.

John has just released two books ‘The Impact of Modern Neuroscience on Contemporary Teaching’ and ‘Insights into the Modern Classroom’ and is currently completing a third book focusing on the creation of a total learning environment.

Marcia Vallance started as a Primary School teacher.  After thirteen years she taught in a juvenile detention centre.  She soon rose to be the assistant principal of the school that supported the Centre.  Seven years on she was appointed principal of another detention centre. Marcia has written papers for professional groups, delivered keynote addresses to national conferences and provided numerous  workshops for personnel working with these disenfranchised students.  She has authored and co-authored numerous professional papers and has provided expert analysis to Royal Commissions and government commissions on juvenile behaviour issues. 

Marcia returned to mainstream schooling for the last seven years of her career but continued to provide training and development for teachers and parents of students with severe behaviours.

Together the Group principals have:

  • Presented key note addresses at National Education Conferences
  • Delivered numerous papers at State, National and International Conferences
  • Toured the United Kingdom to investigate alternate approaches to dealing with students with severe behaviours
  • Written many essays for professional journals
  • Presented at various universities across the country
  • Worked in schools to create structure welfare practices and policies
  • Provided training in behaviour management for all levels of school personnel