Learn@Lunch with Pasi Sahlberg - Is Play Ok?

12 Jun 2019

Is play okay? Loosening our grip on structured learning

All loving parents want to give their child the best chance to succeed, but what does this really mean? The building blocks to success largely remain a mystery due to the ever-evolving requirements for people to thrive. In a world that is being rapidly reshaped by ubiquitous computing and artificial intelligence, there are many essential new skills and knowledges that traditional school systems are failing to cultivate.

In this Learn@Lunch session, global education expert Professor Pasi Sahlberg explores the true impact of ‘play’ in learning environments. Though often considered a non-essential indulgence prioritised beneath scripted teaching and standardised testing, new research by The Gonski Institute of Education suggests unstructured play should be an essential part of the curriculum. By unpacking his award-wining work in shaping Education Policy, Professor Sahlberg identifies how open access to playful design, creativity and collaborative problem-solving could be just the thing to ensure the next generation have the best chance for success throughout their lives and careers.